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Cheap eclipse glasses not a bright idea

1:46 pm Aug. 16, 2017

Since the dawn of history, mothers have been telling children they like to not stare directly at the sun.

Monday, millions of Americans, many of them in Georgia, will ignore that excellent advice and bet their future ability to see on free sunglasses.

I am clearly not qualified to offer career advice, but, if I did, there might be a burgeoning need for ophthalmologists come Tuesday.

Like many of you, I ordered eclipse

Youth football called ‘child abuse’

6:04 pm Aug. 9, 2017

Football is religion in the South.

I tried playing youth football, but was so good at typing my agent advised I not jeopardize an uncertain financial future with unlikely gridiron glory.

In high school, football players were treated like rock stars even though our team was so bad it was invited to play five homecoming games in one month.

In Valdosta I lived so close to the high school and college stadium I

Parents rejoice as free daycare begins early

9:08 am Aug. 3, 2017

Few things delight the modern parent as much as hustling the kids off to the first day of school.

I was once again reminded of this while getting a sandwich. Two women in the slow-moving line were exchanging high-fives and hip bumps when I asked what the heck was going on.

“School starts Monday!” said one joyous lady.

“Are you excited because your child will be enriched by even more knowledge bestowed upon

Tyler Perry jet deal fatter than Madea

8:27 am Jul. 27, 2017

“Life’s not fair,” is the battle cry of the envious, but it’s also true.

Through no fault of our own, some of us are born ugly, poor or incapable of laughing at mildly amusing stuff in newspapers.

Laws exist, in part, to balance out some of the unfairness, but those things almost never work as promised.

The Georgia Constitution, for example, says the General Assembly can’t “forgive any debt or obligation owing

Use of fireworks, firearms on the rise

1:30 pm Jul. 6, 2017

Like many of you, I assumed the neighbors would be out of fireworks on July 5th.

I was mistaken.

I was sipping sarsaparilla on the back porch Wednesday evening when the sounds of freedom erupted down the street.

“That could be gunfire,” the wife said.

“Or someone celebrating the anniversary of the original Brexit a day late,” I suggested.

In DeKalb, we’re so patriotic we’ve been lighting miniature explosives since late June.

We sometimes hear what

New Georgia DUI law a breath of fresh air

2:04 pm Jun. 29, 2017

People love new stuff.

It is this universal human desire to obtain that makes Amazon so popular.

Lawmakers are no different. They are paid to make new laws and, like hoarders pushing a shopping cart to a yard sale, they load up.

Many new state laws, which take effect July 1, are new ways to extrapolate cash from the public to finance new stuff.

Example: In 2016, an additional 5 percent was tacked onto