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Long arm of the law shortens sentence

9:53 am Dec. 14, 2017

Sometimes the news strikes close to home.

Sandra Putnam, a former top official at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, pleaded guilty Monday to racketeering and violating the oath of a public officer.

She hired my wife at the GBI.

Putnam faced up to 20 years in prison for fraudulent charges on her state purchasing card. She admitted to spending $60,000 on items including a leather sofa, furniture to go beside her pool, clothes and gifts for

The ghost of SnowJam haunts Atlanta

10:54 am Dec. 7, 2017

Atlantans are good at everything except winter.

As I type these words, weather forecasters are suggesting ice and snow might fall and the frightened masses are denuding store shelves of anything resembling bread, milk, beer or soup.

I just picked up a few cans myself. I’m thinking I can survive at least four days on nothing but broccoli cheese soup sprinkled with “flavor blasted nacho Goldfish.”

In my car I’ve stowed a gallon of

Santa’s sleigh loaded with guns

10:06 am Nov. 30, 2017

It’s a question Santa often ponders on rooftops throughout America: Will an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle fit down this chimney?

The jolly fat man will be asking himself that more than usual this year.

CNN tells us Black Friday was the biggest day on record for FBI background checks, which loosely track nationwide gun sales. On the shopping day after Thanksgiving the FBI reported 203,000 background checks. The previous record of 185,000 was on Black Friday 2016, which

Recipe for Thanksgiving grief includes politics

10:31 am Nov. 22, 2017

If you wake up on Black Friday and there’s still relatives in the house, it’s time to get folks moving.

Scheduling an early morning fire drill works, but even your Auburn cousin who’s devoted most of his brain to recalling every play of a certain recent football game has figured that one out.

Less obvious, but equally effective, is to discuss politics as often and eagerly as possible. Not only does it

New street names pave over history

9:42 am Nov. 16, 2017

It’s not easy running one of the biggest cities in the U.S.

Or is it?

Atlanta City Council has solved the issues that plague most big cities.

Atlanta has all the police officers promised and people feel safe in all areas of town.
Residents are billed properly for the excellent city services they joyfully receive.
The highly-profitable Streetcar project has turned downtown Atlanta into a cultural Mecca.
Government corruption is non-existent.

Yet, one issue remains before Atlantans

DeKalb voters approve half a billion in vague promises

5:16 pm Nov. 8, 2017

Our ancestors loved liberty and hated taxes.

In 1773, they stormed the docks and cast crates of tea into Boston Harbor to protest taxation without representation.

I’d have gotten along with those guys. If I had a time machine I’d undoubtedly drop in and introduce the “high five” and “fist bump” a few centuries early.

Tuesday, DeKalb County voters tossed more than half a billion dollars in additional sales tax revenue at politicians

Fear of fun ruining Halloween

9:47 am Oct. 26, 2017

What better time than Halloween to point out the obvious: fear sells.

Almost every advertisement tells us a purchase will alleviate some form of fear.

Worried about getting old? You need funeral insurance, retirement planning advice, hair implants and various prescription pills your doctor will prescribe if you ask him about it.

Concerned others may think you’re not successful? You need new clothes, shoes and maybe a car in the driveway with a

Irony found after sheriff’s unusual school drug search

9:16 am Oct. 19, 2017

Police spend most of their time trying to catch and fine the easily caught.

Hundreds of state police officers write traffic tickets. Roughly zero look for ID thieves.

I’m not a police officer, but I’ve long suspected finding drugs is as easy as enforcing the speed limit.

As a kid, I figured the Scooby-Doo gang’s “Mystery Machine” had to be a tempting law enforcement target. How the hippie kids behind “Scooby Snacks” never

Fake news travels fastest

10:57 am Oct. 12, 2017

News has always traveled fast. Thanks to social media, it’s never moved faster.

But speed, as my insurance adjuster will tell you, causes accidents.

It’s true behind the wheel and, I’m sad to report, a keyboard. With everyone in such a hurry to get the news out right now, it’s sometimes not right.

Last week, major news organizations reported Tom Petty’s death before he died.

This week, local news organizations reported Atlanta Mayor Kasim