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Illegal immigrants dumped at bus stations

5:50 pm May. 29, 2014

UPDATE: Friday morning, ICE spokesman Vincent Picard emailed me to say no illegal immigrants detained in Georgia have been flown to Arizona. Picard believes a migrant probably told the photographer they were headed to Georgia,

Straight-A student films porn, commits suicide

6:43 pm May. 22, 2014

Being young, smart and beautiful isn’t always enough.

Discontented souls search for more, and, when they don’t find it inside themselves, they go looking for it in a world that is often cruel.

That may have been

Dating game contestant admits to killing 2 women

8:55 am May. 9, 2014

Like the Clermont Lounge and Craigslist, a game show isn’t the best place to find non-rented love.

This truth was again revealed, this time on Turkish TV, when a 62-year-old dating game contestant admitted to killing