Corpse, feces found in home with kids

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Terry Tyreed Cunningham (Bernalillo County jail)


Terry Tyreed Cunningham (Bernalillo County jail)

Terry Tyreed Cunningham (Bernalillo County jail)

It has been written that happy families are all alike, but every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

An unhappy family in New Mexico is no longer together after police charged single father Terry Cunningham with child abuse for keeping his three children in a home with his brother’s corpse and rooms filled with feces.

Albuquerque’s ABC News station reports the children — two girls ages 9 and 11 and a wheelchair-bound boy, 15 — were only allowed to shower once a week.

Officials said the home had excrement in several rooms, including the bedrooms and in beds. The children shared a room that had a tarp for a roof.

The landlord of the now-condemned home said the family moved in about five years ago. Several people, including the landlord, reported the unclean conditions to authorities.

The deceased brother, who was not identified, was in his 50s and had been dead for several days.

The kids are now with child protective services.

The dad is in jail, where maybe he can learn how to keep a cell clean.

I’ve not been able to find any info concerning the mother of the children.

The only explanation for this sort of thing is mental illness. I’ve watched quite a few of the “hoarding” shows on TV, and it is troubling how sad some people’s lives become.

I think I will tidy up my desk now.

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