Donald Sterling’s gal pal alleges racist beating

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Just friends. (Danny Moloshok / Associated Press)

Donald Sterling may be the most-hated man in America, but his “gal pal” is the one who alleges she was beaten in the streets of New York City.

I tend to not read celebrity news sites, but I’ve read most everything related to the travails of the racist NBA owner.

This presumed mistress of Sterling (real name Donald Tokowitz), is V Stiviano (real name Maria Vanessa Perez). She has vowed she is not Sterling’s lover and one day she will be president of the United States.

More recently and believably she alleges to have been beaten by two white men who called her the n-word as she left a Manhattan hotel.

Her attorney told The New York Daily News and other sites that she was punched several times on the face Sunday night. I guess she wasn’t wearing her face shield when the attack occurred.

A security guard at the hotel said Stiviano got caught up in the middle of a fight, so it doesn’t seem her appearance was the genesis of the fisticuffs.

Stiviano did not file a police report, and police say there is no evidence anything she says is true.

This reminds me Atlanta’s Runaway Bride, who, in 2005, wanted to ditch her groom but didn’t have the courage to face reality. Instead, she fled cross country and blamed Hispanic kidnappers for her problems.

She didn’t want to file a police report either.






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