Macon man holstering .45 shoots self in …

We’ve all experienced the pain at the pump.

But none of us have felt it quite like an unnamed Georgia man who allegedly shot himself in the privates as he was holstering his .45. in Macon reports the man was stopped at a Sunoco gas station on Zebulon Road last Thursday when the incident occurred at about 9:30 p.m.

Somehow, the man was able to drive to a friend’s house nearby where he, according to the news station, he “took off his pants and saw that he had ‘shot himself in the penis and that the bullet exited out of his buttocks.'”

The bullet fell to the floor.


The man was hospitalized but his medical condition was not cited.

Meanwhile, in Denver, a man in handcuffs fired at police officers after pulling a gun from the crack of his buttocks.

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