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Weather-prognosticating groundhog killed by mayor?

12:19 pm Sep. 25, 2014

New York has many rodents, including some that make a pretty penny on Wall Street, but none are as famous as the weather-prognosticating groundhog at the Staten Island Zoo.

Every Feb. 2, the mayor or some

Georgia-built F-22 finally used in combat

12:26 pm Sep. 23, 2014

While you slept, the Georgia-built F-22 Raptor, the most expensive fighter plane of all time, finally saw combat.

The F-22, assembled by Lockheed in Marietta, has had a troubled history, largely due to its price tag. Almost

Man visits ex-wife, rescues sex slave

6:26 pm Sep. 11, 2014

In Atlanta, an estimated 200 girls are sold as sex slaves each month, but the darkness that fuels the sex trafficking industry can be found everywhere.

Today I ran across two stories in the Indianapolis Star

Motorcycle stolen moments after fatal crash

4:57 pm Sep. 9, 2014

What will be the last thing you see before you die?

Hopefully, it will be something nice like a loved one holding your hand or the Braves winning the World Series.

For a Detroit motorcyclist who died after striking a car at high speed, his last vision may have been of someone stealing his ride.

Channel 4 in Detroit has video of the crash involving a car turning left in front of

Air Force recruits must swear oath to God

4:40 pm Sep. 5, 2014

“For God and Country” is a phrase often used by the military.

It’s the official motto of the American Legion, and it was the phrase used by Navy SEALS to confirm the death of Osama bin Laden.

So, perhaps it should come as no surprise that Air Force recruits must now say “so help me God” while reciting the required oath of enlistment.

The Air Force Times tells us the story of