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18-year-old plans to ‘marry’ biological father

6:21 pm Jan. 20, 2015

In Georgia, one must be mentally competent to get married. Curiously enough, this has not stopped weddings completely.

I remember getting my marriage license and wondering, as I read the paperwork, why government ever got involved in the wedding business.

Then I paid DeKalb County $60 and answered my own question.

Maybe that’s why Georgia allows cousins to get married. They don’t want to run off customers.

Marrying someone more closely related is illegal

Schools arming students with canned goods

9:59 am Jan. 13, 2015

There are many reasons to be thankful your kids aren’t educated in Alabama, but here’s a new one.

As a “result of recent school shootings” some schools in Alabama are “arming … students with a canned

S.C. sheriff flees DUI arrest at 100 mph

4:20 pm Jan. 6, 2015

Note: I hope you all had a happy holiday. I’ve been off for a while, so let’s quickly get to the news stories that got my attention today …

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