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Son blackmailed mom for sex, police say

7:47 am May. 22, 2015

Sometimes I try to summarize shocking news stories that have too many details.

Today, I read one that has almost none.

Pennsylvania police issued a brief press release saying a 17-year-old blackmailed his mother into having sex. The incident occurred Wednesday afternoon.

The son is considered a crime victim, police say.

Police have not said what the son was using as blackmail, but what could he have threatened his mother with that was

Girl used as ‘bait’ raped in school bathroom

1:02 pm May. 21, 2015

When the AJC broke the Atlanta Public Schools cheating story, I told a colleague I’d be surprised if traditional public schools exist in 30 years.

I said that because:

Advances in teaching technology will make it possible for kids, even poor ones, to learn from home or a nearby community center
Public school transportation costs are huge
Public school facility costs are huge
Many public schools are not the kind of place the parents that