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Marijuana smuggler dies after 40 years on the run

8:56 am Jun. 24, 2015

Crime does not pay, unless you are good at it.

Looking at today’s jail population, it’s hard to believe that in the 1970s the maximum sentence for possessing tractor-trailer loads of marijuana was five years in

Women now as big as men were in the 1960s

9:02 am Jun. 16, 2015

If you’ve been exposed to a Nicki Minaj video, you may have theorized clothing is getting smaller, women are getting larger and singers don’t really sing anymore.

At least one of those theories is correct, according

Student booted from college after being given sex while unconscious

9:05 am Jun. 11, 2015

Men are guilty of the vast majority of sex crimes.

In criminal courts, the accused are given the opportunity to present a reasonable defense.

That’s not always true on college campuses.

At Amherst College in Massachusetts, a former male student booted from campus after being accused of sexual assault is suing the private institution for denying him due process.

According to a one-sided Washington Examiner article, the male student — identified only as