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‘Con-artist’ found living in Fort Bragg barracks

11:27 am Apr. 27, 2016

In movies, the military is often portrayed as a hyper-secure workplace with soldiers performing their tasks like cogs in a well-oiled machines.

Reality is much different.

Fort Bragg was the home of a civilian “con-artist” who tricked

‘Vampire pimp’ ordered to pay victim $400,000

8:51 am Apr. 5, 2016

Criminals, like vampires, prey on the weak.

This is especially true of vampire pimps, according to court documents unleashed recently by the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Courthouse News gives us the story of Damion Baston, who, like most vampires, emigrated illegally to the U.S. and set up a criminal enterprise.

Baston, who called himself “Drac,” dressed like a vampire, including the use of gold-plated fangs and yellow contact lenses.

In 2014,

Serial killer’s home for rent during GOP convention

8:32 am Apr. 4, 2016

If you think the Republican National Convention may devolve into a horror show, what better place to sleep than the childhood home of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer?

Many homes are available for rent near Cleveland this July,