Serial killer’s home for rent during GOP convention

If you think the Republican National Convention may devolve into a horror show, what better place to sleep than the childhood home of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer?

Mid-century modern home with a true park-like setting. Smoking and animals okay. Close to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Montrose shopping. Easy access to I-77 highway. (Image from Howard Hanna real estate listing)

Mid-century modern home with a true park-like setting. Smoking and animals okay. (Image and text from Howard Hanna real estate listing)

Many homes are available for rent near Cleveland this July, but the 1952 mid-century modern Dahmer grew up in has to be the creepiest. And, at $10,000 for the week, it may be among the priciest.

The 3-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home once owned by Dahmer’s father is located in Bath Township, about a 30-minute drive from downtown Cleveland.

In 1978, it is where Dahmer killed his first victim — 18-year-old hitchhiker Steven Hicks. Dahmer flushed some of Hicks’ remains down a toilet and scattered other parts across the wooded property.

Dahmer lived in the home for more than a decade before briefly attending Ohio State and serving in the U.S. Army as a combat medic. He eventually moved to Wisconsin, where voters go to the polls Tuesday.

The “Milwaukee Cannibal” was convicted of 15 murders in 1992 and given 15 life sentences. He was later given a 16th life sentence in Hicks’ death. He was beaten to death in prison in 1994.

The 2,170-square-feet house was purchased in 2005 by singer/guitarist Chris Butler, of “The Waitresses,” a band best known for the song “I Know What Boys Like.”

Butler’s attempts to sell the house have been unsuccessful.

PETA once expressed interest in turning the home into a vegan restaurant but was thwarted by zoning and issues with plumbing.

In 2014, a real estate agent said selling the home for the asking price of $295,000 would be tough, but not impossible.

“This house never killed anyone,” the expert salesperson said.

Renting the house for $10,000-a-week is not going to be easy either. Butler, who lives in the house and says it has a “really good” vibe, will stay with friends or travel if someone wants to rent his pad during the convention.

“I did it for the heck of it,” Butler said, who also admitted he wanted to “suck some Republican gelt from those people.

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