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America’s last slave ship landed in Georgia

2:09 pm Jan. 31, 2017

History is full of things some would rather not talk about.

Like slavery.

If history is full of terrible things, it’s practically overflowing with terrible people.

One such person was Charles Augustus Lafayette Lamar, from Savannah.

In the late 1850s, Lamar joined forces with another awful human being, Charleston ship captain William C. Corrie, to import slaves from Africa, according to historical documents.

Federal law had prohibited importing slaves since 1808, but laws do

For comics, it’s open season on Barron Trump

12:46 pm Jan. 24, 2017

Mocking politicians is a time-honored tradition.

Mocking the children of politicians? Not so much.

Take it from me, certain topics don’t lend themselves to easy chuckles. Jokes can poke fun at many things but it’s difficult to write a zinger lampooning innocent victims.

When I was growing up, we only got one or two channels on what I now consider a really small TV. Johnny Carson would come on late at night and

World may end Friday, media almost reports

12:07 pm Jan. 17, 2017

Georgians are tough. It’s still early in 2017 but we’ve already survived a winter blast, the Seattle Seahawks and the return of hundreds of politicians and lobbyists to the state capitol.

According to my Facebook feed we’re going to have to get even tougher.

President Obama is leaving office at 9 a.m. Friday and, from what I’ve read, you’d think the Apocalypse is upon us.

One friend posted our next president will be a “total

Getting creative with Georgia taxes

1:30 pm Jan. 10, 2017

With the Georgia Legislature back in session, new laws that will greatly improve the lives of every Georgian are now being discussed intelligently by the caring folks we elected into office.

Or maybe not.

I have a theory that most new laws are crafted to divert money from the people to politicians.

Those in charge don’t like the word “tax” — it gives opponents too much ammo come reelection time — but they have

Slide into 2017 without losing your car to thieves

1:35 pm Jan. 3, 2017

Atlanta has a problem with “sliders” and I’m not talking about small, delicious sandwiches.

Sliders are thieves who slide up alongside a car getting fuel at a convenience store gas station and steal whatever they can. Sometimes the crooks take off with a purse or an iPad.

Sometimes they drive off with the whole car.

I’ve never been a victim, but I’ve seen it happen. I was sitting at a red light in