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Earthlings botch naming of potentially habitable planets

12:07 pm Feb. 28, 2017

As any graduate of the Electoral College will tell you, the public cannot be trusted.

When the U.K. needed help naming a new $287 million polar research ship, the masses voted for “Boaty McBoatface.”

Someone who wears a suit and a frown to work decided to override the public will and name it the “RRS Sir David Attenborough.”

The Internet’s hive mind then floated the idea that Attenborough, a famous naturalist,

Stonecrest candidate pushes political youth movement

3:47 pm Feb. 21, 2017

Ask anyone whose hair has turned all-gray well before its time and they will tell you “age doesn’t matter.”

They are wrong. At least when it comes to trying to beat your nephews at basketball.

Or elections.

The Constitution says the president has to be at least 35. The last time we voted, the only two presidential candidates with a chance to win were eligible for Medicare.

Our president is the oldest person elected

Humans should become cyborgs, says billionaire Elon Musk

12:56 pm Feb. 14, 2017

“Elon Musk” sounds like cheap cologne, but it’s actually the name of a billionaire CEO who says people should become cyborgs to remain useful.

Since this article is mostly read by humans, many who haven’t even watched every episode of Star Trek, I feel compelled to explain cyborgs.

According to George Lucas and other experts, cyborgs are a blend of robots and people — humans fused with computerized and mechanical parts.

Riding the Atlanta sports fan pain train

11:01 am Feb. 7, 2017

Never ask an Atlanta Falcon to give you change for a dollar. They’ll only give you three quarters.

Jokes celebrating Atlanta’s misery were flying on social media like ravenous birds of prey as soon as the Patriots won the big game.

That’s OK. I’ve been a fan of Georgia teams my whole life. I’ve ridden the emotional roller coaster so often I no longer bother strapping myself in.

I’ve been a Falcons fans