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New Georgia city names worse than county government

11:15 am Mar. 21, 2017

The epitaph on poet Charles Bukowski’s grave says “Don’t Try.”

Whoever is naming the new cities around Atlanta has clearly adopted the same philosophy.

To put it kindly, Georgia’s newest cities have lame names.

Stonecrest? If you name anything after a mall you’re doing it wrong.

I’d suggest running whoever came up with that gem out of town but they’d probably like living someplace that doesn’t sound like a subdivision.

South Fulton? I’ve seen squirrels

TSA promises more aggressive airport pat-downs

12:45 pm Mar. 7, 2017

If being frisked by a stranger makes you frisky, I’ve got some good news.

The Transportation Security Administration is warning police departments that more aggressive pat-down procedures may result in increased complaints from airline passengers.

The more invasive screenings have already started. They are needed, the federal agency says, to “reduce the cognitive burden” on its employees.

I guess hiring smarter employees wasn’t an option.

The more physical search, for those passengers “randomly”