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Tyler Perry jet deal fatter than Madea

8:27 am Jul. 27, 2017

“Life’s not fair,” is the battle cry of the envious, but it’s also true.

Through no fault of our own, some of us are born ugly, poor or incapable of laughing at mildly amusing stuff in newspapers.

Laws exist, in part, to balance out some of the unfairness, but those things almost never work as promised.

The Georgia Constitution, for example, says the General Assembly can’t “forgive any debt or obligation owing

Use of fireworks, firearms on the rise

1:30 pm Jul. 6, 2017

Like many of you, I assumed the neighbors would be out of fireworks on July 5th.

I was mistaken.

I was sipping sarsaparilla on the back porch Wednesday evening when the sounds of freedom erupted down the street.

“That could be gunfire,” the wife said.

“Or someone celebrating the anniversary of the original Brexit a day late,” I suggested.

In DeKalb, we’re so patriotic we’ve been lighting miniature explosives since late June.

We sometimes hear what