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Fear of fun ruining Halloween

9:47 am Oct. 26, 2017

What better time than Halloween to point out the obvious: fear sells.

Almost every advertisement tells us a purchase will alleviate some form of fear.

Worried about getting old? You need funeral insurance, retirement planning advice, hair implants and various prescription pills your doctor will prescribe if you ask him about it.

Concerned others may think you’re not successful? You need new clothes, shoes and maybe a car in the driveway with a

Irony found after sheriff’s unusual school drug search

9:16 am Oct. 19, 2017

Police spend most of their time trying to catch and fine the easily caught.

Hundreds of state police officers write traffic tickets. Roughly zero look for ID thieves.

I’m not a police officer, but I’ve long suspected finding drugs is as easy as enforcing the speed limit.

As a kid, I figured the Scooby-Doo gang’s “Mystery Machine” had to be a tempting law enforcement target. How the hippie kids behind “Scooby Snacks” never

Fake news travels fastest

10:57 am Oct. 12, 2017

News has always traveled fast. Thanks to social media, it’s never moved faster.

But speed, as my insurance adjuster will tell you, causes accidents.

It’s true behind the wheel and, I’m sad to report, a keyboard. With everyone in such a hurry to get the news out right now, it’s sometimes not right.

Last week, major news organizations reported Tom Petty’s death before he died.

This week, local news organizations reported Atlanta Mayor Kasim

‘Decriminalizing’ marijuana all about the green

10:49 am Oct. 5, 2017

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone complain about their work, I wouldn’t have to work anymore.

I try not to complain. Writing one mildly amusing column a week shouldn’t be that difficult, but this week’s been a struggle.

The Las Vegas shootings were horrific, and Monday I heard southern rock legend Tom Petty had died — twice.

The depressing stories kept coming.

A sheriff from my former south Georgia