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Fewer pills should top New Year’s resolutions list

10:57 am Dec. 28, 2017

New Year’s resolutions are as close as some of us get to admitting we’re not perfect.

For many, the beginning of each year is a time of self-assessment. Many of us will create a list of things we can increase — like exercise — or decrease and eliminate — like smoking and huffing bacon bits.

It can be a constructive exercise. It can also be a way to obtain an expensive gym

Christmas gifts Atlanta needs

10:37 am Dec. 21, 2017

“Giving is better than receiving,” said someone who’s never gotten a gift from me.

Not to brag, but my prowess at finding the perfect gift is the stuff of Christmas legend.

Consider 1977 when I gave my mom a football. Sure, she didn’t get much use out of it but I learned to throw a pretty good spiral.

The secret to a good gift is getting people something they don’t know they need.

Long arm of the law shortens sentence

9:53 am Dec. 14, 2017

Sometimes the news strikes close to home.

Sandra Putnam, a former top official at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, pleaded guilty Monday to racketeering and violating the oath of a public officer.

She hired my wife at the GBI.

Putnam faced up to 20 years in prison for fraudulent charges on her state purchasing card. She admitted to spending $60,000 on items including a leather sofa, furniture to go beside her pool, clothes and gifts for

The ghost of SnowJam haunts Atlanta

10:54 am Dec. 7, 2017

Atlantans are good at everything except winter.

As I type these words, weather forecasters are suggesting ice and snow might fall and the frightened masses are denuding store shelves of anything resembling bread, milk, beer or soup.

I just picked up a few cans myself. I’m thinking I can survive at least four days on nothing but broccoli cheese soup sprinkled with “flavor blasted nacho Goldfish.”

In my car I’ve stowed a gallon of