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Georgia deer celebrate end of hunting season

11:12 am Jan. 25, 2018

In my neighborhood I still hear occasional gunfire, but out in the Georgia woods things have grown quieter.

Deer hunting season is over.

Well, it’s almost over. If you have a bow-and-arrow and a hankering for venison you can stalk Atlanta’s suburbs until the end of the month. Please be careful.

Thankfully for our eardrums and homicide rates, you can’t legally hunt deer with a firearm in Clayton, Cobb and DeKalb counties.

There ought to be a law about new laws

10:57 am Jan. 11, 2018

I don’t watch a lot of sports, but when I do it seems Georgia teams exist solely to make other teams look good.

The same might be said of the Georgia Legislature.

You’d think after 230 years we’d have enough state laws, but no. Like the emergence of mosquitoes from stagnant cultural backwaters, pesky politicians annually swarm Atlanta to create new laws intent on sucking our blood or embarrassing us further.

Wherever you

Georgia No. 1 in convicted felons

10:46 am Jan. 4, 2018

People like to complain, but a lot of good things happened in 2017.

I kept breathing and typing and my 401(k) grew almost as fast as gray hairs.

And, miracle of miracles, the Georgia Bulldogs 1980 National Champions Coca-Cola bottle on my office shelf may finally get a companion. I was 14 when I got it and figured I would collect a six-pack before I could legally mix their contents with Jack