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Smoke stokes fear of second burning of Atlanta

1:08 pm Nov. 15, 2016

The smoke’s so thick in my back yard Civil War reenactors think Atlanta is burning all over again.

I figured the haze wasn’t going to clear when my BBQ enthusiast neighbor eschewed use of his Big Green Egg and

Voters deserve better

10:19 am Nov. 8, 2016

Writing a humor column while millions of Americans are voting for our next president has its risks.

I can’t really mock either candidate because I’m not sure who is going to lose except us. Also, journalists aren’t supposed

Making elections less frightening

12:45 pm Oct. 25, 2016

Have you ever wondered why the U.S. elects the most powerful human being on the planet so close to Halloween … on a Tuesday?

Me either, until this year.

According to polls, which some don’t trust, many

DeKash County is growing

1:44 pm Oct. 18, 2016

Pumping gas is a chore and rarely interesting.

But sometimes you run into something that makes you think.

At the Chevron station near my house, a man lurking in a magenta Cadillac often passes out religious literature.

Time to celebrate 4 new Georgia holidays

9:47 am Oct. 11, 2016

After a weekend of hurricane damage, destruction and stress, many of us could use a day off.

Most state workers got that Monday as they celebrated Columbus Day — one of two holidays Georgia uses to

Georgia Tech buzzes price of online education

11:45 am Oct. 4, 2016

Technology has a way of making everything cheaper and better.

A cheap TV today blows away an expensive set from 10 years ago. My new smartphone is more powerful than the laptop I am typing this

Deputy says breastfeeding mom is ‘offensive’

11:33 am Sep. 27, 2016

Sometimes I think there’s so many laws police have trouble staying abreast of them.

For example, if you Google “weird laws of Atlanta” you may read it is illegal to tie a giraffe to a telephone

Georgia eagles feast on liberated chickens

12:04 pm Sep. 20, 2016

America, home of the brave and land of the free range chicken.

I don’t think “organic” groceries are worth the additional cost, but I gladly plunk down a couple extra dollars for more humane chicken and