Georgia prisoners may replace county firemen

3:58 pm Oct. 10, 2014

Firefighters typically wait for disasters to happen.

In south Georgia’s Camden County, where firefighters may soon be required to oversee state prisoners as they fight fires, an entirely new kind of disaster is waiting to happen.

The Florida Times-Union tells us the rural county, home to Cumberland Island, a nuclear submarine base and the lovely St. Marys, is trying to improve its insurance rating to save money on insurance costs.

One of

DEA uses woman’s seized phone photos on Facebook

6:14 pm Oct. 7, 2014

When you go online, your personal data is being mined. Your name, search history, location, the words you type and the images you post are all being scanned and collected.

Curiously, those doing the most to defend privacy rights in the U.S. may be the corporations doing the scanning and collecting. Apple and Google, for instance, have angered law enforcement by saying they will make it easy for users to

The tragic end of Staten Island Chuck ... errr ... Charlotte. (AP Photo)

Weather-prognosticating groundhog killed by mayor?

12:19 pm Sep. 25, 2014

New York has many rodents, including some that make a pretty penny on Wall Street, but none are as famous as the weather-prognosticating groundhog at the Staten Island Zoo.

Every Feb. 2, the mayor or some