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Use of fireworks, firearms on the rise

1:30 pm Jul. 6, 2017

Like many of you, I assumed the neighbors would be out of fireworks on July 5th.

I was mistaken.

I was sipping sarsaparilla on the back porch Wednesday evening when the sounds of freedom erupted down the street.

“That could be gunfire,” the wife said.

“Or someone celebrating the anniversary of the original Brexit a day late,” I suggested.

In DeKalb, we’re so patriotic we’ve been lighting miniature explosives since late June.

We sometimes hear what

New Georgia DUI law a breath of fresh air

2:04 pm Jun. 29, 2017

People love new stuff.

It is this universal human desire to obtain that makes Amazon so popular.

Lawmakers are no different. They are paid to make new laws and, like hoarders pushing a shopping cart to a yard sale, they load up.

Many new state laws, which take effect July 1, are new ways to extrapolate cash from the public to finance new stuff.

Example: In 2016, an additional 5 percent was tacked onto

Street drugs a prescription for drug abuse

11:40 am Jun. 13, 2017

Businesses spend considerable time and money naming the products they send forth in the world.

Parents? Not so much.

As soon as I heard the name “Reality Leigh Winner” — the young Georgia woman charged with leaking top-secret information to the press — I knew she would finally get the attention her parents so clearly craved.

Multiple black eyes have taught me it’s wrong to poke fun at people for things they can’t control

Peach crop flop a chance to ‘rebrand’ Georgia

10:32 am May. 31, 2017

If you want to teach a child the value of education, get them a summer job on a farm.

There’s something about spending a beautiful day cleaning up after large animals with robust digestive tracts that

Atlanta sculptures tell a sad story

10:44 am May. 23, 2017

I feel the same way about public sculptures in Atlanta as the Georgia Aquarium feels about customers showing up with a cane pole and a bucket of crickets.

We can do without it.

Sadly, one of the